60 second history – Elizabeth I

It’s the turn of Good Queen Bess, Gloriana and the Virgin Queen to get my 60-second history treatment!

How on earth do you condense the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth I into 60 seconds? With difficulty, I can tell you! But hopefully, it will make people want to know more about her.

As I’ve explained before, the idea of this series is to give information about Tudor history in easy-to-digest 60-second chunks. Die-hard Tudor history fans don’t, of course, need these videos, but I hope they act as introductions to newbies or students.

My first six videos were on the Tudor dynasty, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Queen Jane (Lady Jane Grey) and Mary I. You can catch them on the 60 Second History playlist of the Anne Boleyn Files YouTube channel.

Here’s the latest one!

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