6 July 1535 and 1553 – The Deaths of Sir Thomas More and King Edward VI

Posted By on July 6, 2012

Today we remember two very different Tudor characters, and two very different deaths: the execution of Sir Thomas More, Henry VIII’s former Lord Chancellor, for treason, and the natural death of King Edward VI.

You can read more about the deaths of these two men in the following articles:

Of course, Edward VI’s death brought about the accession of Lady Jane Grey, the successor he had named in his “Devise for the Succession”. There was trouble ahead!

3 thoughts on “6 July 1535 and 1553 – The Deaths of Sir Thomas More and King Edward VI”

  1. Dawn 1st says:

    It’s quite ironic that both Thomas and Edward died on the same day, seems a bit like karma
    All that sacrifice of human life to obtain Henry’s ultimate goal, a Son, seems all the more futile and needless, when Henry’s much desired boy died so young and never achieved what his father would have wished for him. It is so poignant.

    1. baroness Von Reis says:

      Dawn 1 ,So much death in such short times ,there after Sir Thomas More, King Edward and then, Queen Lady Jane Grey and many more to follow,needless and untimely deaths,thats for certain.I really think your right about karma Dawn ,what did Edward die of ,my mind escapes me??Also I think if Henry would have been alive,when Edward passed ,it would have really sent him into a fury? Yes he was already out of touch with reality as I shutter to think what he would have done next??If you know how he died would really like to know.Hope all is well with you take care. Kind Regards Baroness

      1. Dawn 1st says:

        Baroness, There are a few theories on the cause of Edward’s death, some think a combination of measles and small pox, some tuberculosis, one suggestion is bronchopneumonia, leading to lung absess, septiceamia and kidney failure, which ever it was, all were incredibly painful, causing such suffering with the very limited medical knowledge they had then. The poor young man did linger for such a long time, it wasn’t a quick death for him.
        Hope your back is on the mend.

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