By the 5th May 1536, seven men had been arrested in connection with the investigation into Anne Boleyn’s alleged adultery. One further man had been ordered back to London for questioning, but had avoided arrest.

Everything was moving very quickly.

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6 thoughts on “5th May 1536 – The Final Arrests”
  1. Hey Claire! I came across something and wanted to get your take on it. I was reading into Anne’s title of Marquess of Pembroke and found this:
    The Marquessate was granted to Anne and her heirs male, but the patent did not include the usual provision that the said heirs male had to be of legitimate birth, thus enabling the title to pass to any illegitimate son Anne might have had. The attending peers did not fail to notice this unusual omission.

    Why would they have done that?

  2. I olny have one thing to say on behalf of all who were put to death for adulturey,Henry theV I I I was commiting this act with many women, outside his marriages,so who is the real guilty party here?? I guess it’s ok if your a, King to go against the law of God , this King rewrote the bible to his own likeing,as it is a sin to marry your brothers wife ,to kill, and to to comment adultery!!!!! He was bedding women with his first wife, poor Queen Kate,Queen Anne on and on and on. So I ask who really is the guilty one here!!! Also I an tierd of Queen Anne getting the bad rap,lets take agood look at JANE SEYMOUR lady in waiting to QUEEN ANNE so who betrade her Queen, I will tell you Anne haters JANE SEYMOUR ,was waiting with bayted breath for, QUEEN ANNE to be beheaded !!

    1. I msut say after thinking about this that I had to jot down a few points to be made before I began this comment, as I agree with the Barness completely!

      I remember the case of Sydney Biddle Barrows, “The Mayflower Madame(as she was a direct descendant of John Alden or the Mayflower that hit land on Plymouth Rock in 1619, and was a member of The Mayflower Society,” who was apprehened, althoug not ultimately convicted, in 1984 for her million dollar a year call girl business. A relative of hers said of her, “She’s the only Biddle whose made any money in generations (as this was the Biddle family of Philadelphia who opened the banks there and made a fortune).” She was not convicted because her attorney, Rita, was going to ask that all the men in Sydney’s black book be charged, and that all there names would also be released to the public in any case, if Miss Barrows was convicted. Well, she was not as if the men in her black book would have ruined families and corporations throughout the U.S. and abroad.

      My point being that, yes, so Henry’s “bedding” of other women and thus commiting adultery were, at that time, considered normal. Katharine of Aragon knew how to manage this a the duty to the wife of a KIng, etc.

      On the other hand, Queen Anne and Henry were in love and for the first time in early modern western Eruopean History married for love. In the end, he had this marriage annulled so this only put an end to the many other charges against her, incest, withcraft, etc. Queen Anne did have trouble putting up with Henry’s bedding other women, and more than once had very bad arguements and it ended up with Henry having his way, and was told to deal with it…”as her betters had done.” So this did, I believe, add to the frustration that after breakign with Rome to marry her, and having Pariliament enact the “Act of Supremacy,” and so on…with Anne’s not having a male heir vastly contributed to her downfall. She was just not given enough time! In those days, being in the family way was a very dangerous and health risky thing.

      The Seymours had place themselves in the King’s favor, and put Jane Seymour (“the horse, “The mayor,” “plain Jane, who fit more with the definititon of what a woman of England looked like, the opposite of Queen Anne’s dark skin, eyes, and hair, made her that more attracted to her. Then with the Howards in disgrace, the Seymour’s , “Jane was the daughter of Sir John Seymour…who had served with Henry in France in 1513, while her mother, a Wentworth, was descended from Edward III, Fraser, Antonia, ed. “The Kings and Queens of England,” pg. 183 (which made Jane of royal blood as Queen Anne had been royal blood in her own right by being descended from Edward just placed themselves right into the slot with a perfect fit for Henry at that time, so to speak, and were much more evil and craftier than the Howards (God help us all), put Jane there, and from the time this happened, and then with Katharine of Aragon’s death in January 1536, Queen Anne was nothing more than a sitting duck, as it were. Anne was executed 19 May 1536, and Jane’s coronation was on 30 May 1536, and Edward was born at Hampton Court on 12 October 1537. Now let’s do some first grade arithematic here, so that was roughly 18 months until Edward was born on 28 June 1847.

      Plain Jane (…”was fair, of medium height, rather pale-faced, and with a reputation for modesty adn and inclination for the Reformed faith.” Fraser, Antonia, ed. “The Kings and Quees of England,” p. 183) was nothing more than a royal blooded conubine to Henry and was expected to breed like a mare for a male heir, no more and no less. The fact that she was the only wife for whom he wore mourning clothes, was more for Edward, the son of this very short, and I mean, very short, marriage was for his son and male heir for whom he had wanted since he married Katharine of Aragon and his acsent to the throne in 1509. That’s roughly 38 years and the last we know of Henry being potent.

      When she was dying as a result of a Caesarean section…Yet the fact that the boy had lived quite put his mother’s death in the shade, Fraser, Antonia, ed. “The Kings and Queens of England”, p. 185. He has been also reported in my other readings to have said something to the effect of save the son, I can always get another wife.

      Thus, I truly believe that if Queen Anne had been given more time, as she was still within child bearing years, and and Elzabeth having been born a healty child (this was from Queen Anne’s first child, Katharing of Aragon had Mary in 1516, after many miscarriages, and short lived babies), and might have a a better chance at having a male heir, their would most probably not been four more wived with to contend. Anne of Cleves was of the Lutheran faith, and he married her for alliances with Germany, Catherine Howard, of whom she claimed was impotent, then Katherine Parr to nurse him and bring him closer to his chldren (others did, but Katherined is remembered most) and he almost had her taken to The Tower during their marriages over a conflict in religious ideas, things might have turned out differently.

      I will defend Queen Anne as long as I am around! Queen Anne also gave us Queen Elizabeth I, who was the greatest absolute monarch England ever had! Thank you, WilesWales

      1. Wiles Wales,As always well said and factual,I thank you sir for such a indepth reply, as this month will be tha month that our Beloved Queen Anne was put to death ,on nothing but lies and so many others who died needlessly. I truely belieave ,that there is a fine line between LOVE AND HATE. THX Wiles Baroness

        1. Thank you Baroness, as when I looked at my email this morning, I had no idea how long my reply was, but I did spend most of the afternoon on it, but that’s neither here nor there. I want the facts to get out about Queen Anne (will never be Claire, and don’t aspire to be; thank you Claire for everything) and will do anything I can to get it out there in some way, so that people somehow will be drawn to Queen Anne, and how very, very much she was wronged. Yes, the 19th will be the 476th anniversary of her execution that was well planned in advance up to the swordwman being ordered from Calais (which Mary I, lost during her five year reign, thus losing the last part on the continent that England held – England in Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine had most of it as well as England itself befor she went with Henry on the First Crusade – I only speak of this in that Queen Elizabeth was by far, as mentioned in my reply was THE child of Henry VIII’s that was well versed enough to rule England, that is after the obligatory reign of the male heir, Edward VI – I do not hate Mary I, she just didn’t have the outlook nor the political skills to rule a country and do gain a nickname like “Bloody Mary” and a drink being known now for her in a five year reign shows everything we all need to know).

          Yes, there is a fine line between love and hate, but Henry was also weak in his psyche for influential persuasiveness as well! There is a lot to be said for the meaning of the word “occasion,” which hastiness in between procrastination. Henry took this one, and his heir died at 16. Queen Anne’s son or sons would most likely have been healthier and more….but then we never would have had Queen Elizabeth I who was the greatest absolute monarch England ever had, from Queen Anne, of whom I wiill defend a long as I’m around!!! Thank you Baroness, all the AB Friends, and the one to whom we owe all for this site, and two very successful fully, and expertly reasearched books! WilesWales

  3. WilesWales ,As always a great reply and as always you are very factual,thank you for taking the time to make such a great reply ,as you go to hit the books before you reply. Also Claire no your very busy with the new book,yes my book is on the way . THX to all the AB FRIENDS. KIND REGARDS Baroness

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