4 January – A rebel keeps his head and William Roper


On this day in Tudor history, 4th January 1575, in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, courtier, diplomat and former rebel, Sir William Pickering, died at his home, Pickering House, in London.

He died a wealthy man and died a natural death, a miraculous feat seeing as he was a friend of the Earl of Surrey and the Duke or Northumberland, both of whom ended up on the scaffold, AND he was one of the men involved in planning Wyatt’s Rebellion in 1554. Wyatt lost his head, but Pickering kept his.

How? What happened? Find out more about Sir William Pickering in this talk…

Also on this day, William Roper, author of “The lyfe of Sir Thomas Moore, knighte”, died.

You can find out more on William Ropers life in this video…

And find out more about this week in Tudor history in this video too…

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