4 December – Christmas Countdown

Dec 4, 2023 #Tudor games

Games were popular at Christmas in the Tudor period, but what did they play?

Let me share with you some Tudor gaming trivia in today’s Christmas countdown video…

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One thought on “4 December – Christmas Countdown”
  1. Yes the Tudors loved party games and I think many families indulge in it at Christmas, we play corny board games like Snakes and Ladders, and in the past Consequences which is hilarious, we have a board game that we have played for the past two years and it’s a board illustrated with dozens of jungle creatures, the purpose of the game is to find the animal/ bird/ insect etc before anyone else that matches the card you pick out of the box, to me monopoly is very tedious and you start of with enthusiasm then descends into boredom, when I was a child at Christmas my gran had huge family Christmas’s and we played games like trying to pick up a penny from a mound of flour, the flour had gone in a pudding basin, and turned upside down, the Penny was placed on top of the flour and you had to try to retrieve it with as less flour on your face as possible, it was like a good old fashioned Victorian Christmas with numerous aunts and uncles bustling around, carrying puddings and I remember the plate of brawn, I don’t think people have that anymore? Dancing to knees up mother brown and the okey cokey was another one, happy days! I will look up those games you showed Claire.

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