29 January 1536 – Queen Anne Boleyn Loses a Son

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The Imperial ambassador, Eustace Chapuys, reported to Charles V on 10th February 1536 that on the day of Catherine of Aragon’s funeral, i.e. 29th January 1536, Anne Boleyn miscarried “a male child which she had not borne 3½ months”.1 This report is backed up by the chronicler Charles Wriothesley, Windsor Herald and cousin of Thomas Wriothesley (Cromwell’s right hand man), who recorded that “Queene Anne was brought a bedd and delivered of a man chield, as it was said, afore her tyme, for she said that she had reckoned herself at that tyme but fiftene weekes gonne with chield…”, although he stated that it was “three daies before Candlemas”, i.e. 30th January.2

Chronicler Edward Hall also wrote of the miscarriage:

“And in February folowyng was quene Anne brought a bedde of a childe before her tyme, whiche was born dead.”3

It is not clear exactly when Anne Boleyn miscarried, but it was sometime around the end of January/beginning of February and it was a miscarriage rather than a stillbirth. There is no contemporary evidence that it was anything other than a straightforward miscarriage and you can read more about this in my article “Anne Boleyn’s Final Pregnancy”.

This is one of the events you will find on the interactive timeline of the events of spring 1536 over at www.thefallofanneboleyn.com.

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16 thoughts on “29 January 1536 – Queen Anne Boleyn Loses a Son”

  1. Ingrid says:

    I can’t even imagine the pain of one miscarriage… of loosing one child and still knowing that it would be considered her ‘fault’ later. She knew the pressure of that preganance I guess.
    Poor Anne.

  2. Leslie says:

    How awful Anne must have felt. What a tragedy to lose a child (especially male in those days) and also have the added stress of knowing she was falling out of favor with the King.

    I can only imagine the rumors that were flying surrounding the timing of her miscarriage and Katherine’s death!

  3. yonita ward says:

    According to Wernicke it is now thought that Anne was Rhesus negative which without the medical knowledge and help we have today, would have meant she could not have a full term second child. Tragic fate for a so much longed for son…….and no comment on Henry’s subsequent behaviour.

  4. Sway says:

    Poor Anne, it must have been so painful for her to know that not only has she lost another child, but that it was the long awaited boy and prince everyone around her was praying for…

  5. Dawn 1st says:

    What a tragic day in Tudor history.
    One broken hearted Queen laid to rest in Peterburgh, and another heart broken Queen laid in bed, childless. It’s so sad.
    January seems to be a month full of major events for the Tudors…

  6. Lily says:

    Altough I feel sorry for Anne I can imagine the pain of Catherine of Aragon. There is NO coincidence between the two tragedies:” What goes around comes around.”
    There was NO blessing on this relationship ever.

    1. ds 370 says:

      When a queen lost a son it was bad news. Anne and Katherine were both glad at the news of katherines death both felt well everything will be alright, and Anne was confident that she would bring a son and deal with Mary and her spanish pride. But something terrible happened, Henry had that accident which almost killed him and Anne miscarried her baby on very same day Katherine was put to rest. The same woman both were happy and relieved to hear of her death, well i guess there were no more laughs between the two. There is a saying “that you do not know what the future holds.” Lily i do agree with you what goes around comes around, Katherine was a broken woman and like that.

    2. La Belle Creole says:

      I agree, Lily. I think Anne’s ambition and rise to power generated the stress and fear that at least contributed to her undoing.

  7. Already deeply grieving for your lost child, & then the King & his counsel make you feel even worse. The world was not a nice place for women in the 16th century. Especially women of nobility and royalty.

  8. margaret says:

    thank goodness none of us are back there ,in henrys court ,or worse still married to him ,what a dreadful thought ,what a nightmare.

  9. Lady Brooke says:

    I agree with you 100percent. Loosing a child and falling from the graces of the King. Our lady was so brave. My heart truly goes out to anyone loosing a child, and on top of her in the midst of grief having to worry about falling from royal graces, people probably plotting on her all the time, and maintaining her dignity as a Queen. One of the favorite and most profound things Anne ever said Or didn’t say was also from Anne of a Thousand days. Wether that was said or was fiction I believe embodied our beautiful Anne and the radiant soul she possessed when declaring her blood will be well spent. What we have learned from Anne, she was that beautiful and strong. I believe very wrongfully charged, and more saint than sinner. The fact that we discuss her 500 years later, indeed shows what a wonderful spirited independent woman, who’s life was cut too soon, but her bravery left a mark that no Anne haters can replace, for we keep her alive in our chats, discussions and definetly in our hearts.

  10. Jan says:

    I agree with Lady Brooke. How terribly sad to loose a child and learn it’s a male. Then loose favor with the king. I believe she was plotted againts. You are in our memories Queen Ann. You were beautiful and way ahaed of your time.

    1. Jan says:

      Ooops ahead of your time.

  11. Diana says:

    I Ann all the dates are off. Mary was my twin sister I was all most 18 years when I died. why we didn’t marry is because I was to young My sister and I were 7 years old when He was wanting to be with Us. He rained only 10 years and he died.

  12. Baroness Von Reis says:

    What a very sad day for our beloved Queen Anne,not olny loosing a son, but she had lost Henry, no coming back for him,as he said God has spoken. Sad Baroness x

  13. im sorry for anne but she deserved to be punished this was thewill og god

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