27 December 1539 – Anne of Cleves lands on English Soil

Deal Castle
Deal Castle

On 27th December 1539, at 5pm, Anne of Cleves (or Anna von Jülich-Kleve-Berg as she was actually known in her home country) landed at Deal in Kent in preparation for her forthcoming marriage to King Henry VIII. She was met by Sir Thomas Cheyne and taken to Deal Castle to rest after her long journey.

Anne had arrived at Calais, having travelled from Düsseldorf, on 11th December 1539 “at the head of a glittering retinue comprising 263 attendants with 228 horses.”1 Strong winds had delayed her departure from Calais, but Anne and her party had finally left the port on the morning of 27th December.

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Notes and Sources

Image: Deal Castle, © Copyright Cameraman and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

  1. Hutchinson, Robert (2012) Thomas Cromwell: The Rise And Fall Of Henry VIII’s Most Notorious Minister, Chapter 10.

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  1. Anne of Cleves is one of those amazing figures who seems to fly under history’s radar. Thanks, Claire, for helping us learn more about her!

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