2015 Anne Boleyn Files Tudor Places Calendar Now Available

Posted By on August 11, 2014

Tudor Places Calendar coverThe Anne Boleyn Files 2015 Tudor Places Calendar is now available to purchase on Lulu.com! It’s $11.99 (US shop price) and can be shipped worldwide. Click here to order now

The calendar measures 11 inches by 17 inches when open, it is spiral bound in the middle and is printed on gloss stock. It features the 12 winning photos from our Tudor places photographic competition and photos include:

  • Elton Hall
  • Berry Pomeroy Castle
  • Little Moreton Hall
  • Hever Castle
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Sudeley Castle
  • Leeds Castle
  • Warwick Castle
  • Littlecote House
  • Wenlock Priory

The 2015 Anne Boleyn Files Tudor Places Calendar also features dates of the important births, deaths, marriages and battles related to the Tudors, so you’ll know what happened in history 500 years ago.

Here are some images of the calendar:

[slideshow id=610 w=400 h=400]

Lulu.com has stores for the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Australia, Ireland and Switzerland, and offers worldwide shipping. You can change your store at Lulu.com by clicking on the flag at the top. Order the calendar at www.lulu.com/shop/the-anne-boleyn-files/tudor-places-calendar-2015/calendar/product-21753863.html.

Thanks again to all who entered the competition and congratulations again to those featured in the calendar.

12 thoughts on “2015 Anne Boleyn Files Tudor Places Calendar Now Available”

  1. Nancy says:

    I’ve tried to order the calendar several times; however, when I hit “Continue to Checkout” it doesn’t take me to the next screen. I don’t know if the problem is on your end or on mine.

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Nancy,
      We’re not selling the calendar, it’s printed and shipped by Lulu so perhaps they had a glitch on their system when you tried to put in the order. If you’re doing it via our site there’s a “Buy Now” button which then takes you to the order page on Lulu.com, perhaps your browser is refusing to open that page or something. The direct link is http://www.lulu.com/shop/the-anne-boleyn-files/tudor-places-calendar-2015/calendar/product-21753863.html
      Sorry you’re having problems but Lulu’s order page seems to be working now.

      1. Nancy says:

        Hi, Claire. I’m still having trouble ordering the calendar. I guess I’ll just keep trying and hope that it finally works.

        1. Claire says:

          Hi Nancy,
          Can you give me any more info about what you’re having trouble with? Which step? I went to http://www.lulu.com/shop/the-anne-boleyn-files/tudor-places-calendar-2015/calendar/product-21753863.html and clicked “Add to cart” and then pressed “continue to checkout” and got taken to a fill in your name and address page. Where is it going wrong for you? If you let me know I’m sure I’ll be able to help.

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi, Claire.

    I go to the Lulu website, click on Add to Cart, and then Continue to Checkout. That’s where I’m having the problem – it won’t take me to the page where I put my name, etc. so that I can order the calendar. Thanks for any help you can offer

    1. Claire says:

      Hmm… that’s so odd as I’ve checked our Lulu publishing page and we’re getting lots of orders. I wonder if there’s something with your browser, perhaps try it on a different one?
      If I’m logged out of Lulu and click on “continue to checkout” it takes me to a page that has two choices – 1) Log in as a returning customer or 2) I’m a New Customer – do you see that page?
      I click on “continue to checkout” under the new customer option and it takes me to the first step of their checkout process with “where should we ship your order?” I tried that on Google chrome and Firefox and it seemed ok so I’m not sure what’s going wrong for you. In the top right corner of the page there “support” which you can click and you can also contact Lulu via http://www.lulu.com/shop/email-us.ep

      I’m so sorry you’re having problems ordering.

  3. Christine says:

    Hi Claire, Received my Calendar this morning and I love it! Thanks once again for choosing my photo of Hever Castle – and so happy my photo is September which is my birth month – what a lovely present!

    1. Claire says:

      Wow, that was quick! I’m so glad that it arrived safely and that you like it. That’s such a coincidence about your birthday, how wonderful. I’m so glad you like it.

  4. Annette says:

    Hi Claire,

    Are any others still having trouble ordering the calendar? Everything works fine up until I select to process order, but then it won’t accept my payment info (cc). I’m not making any mistakes, yet I still get authorization failure. I’ve paid with this cc on other sites, and it works just fine. Not sure what’s going on. PS: it’s the third time I’ve tried to buy the calendar, but always the same issue– cannot process payment. Am afraid of trying another cc in case there’s a website problem. Help! 😛

    1. Claire says:

      Hi Annette,
      I’m so sorry that you’re having problems. I’m afraid that I can’t find out why your payment is not being authorised because it’s not our website you order on, it’s Lulu.com (they’re the calendar publisher) and they won’t share details with us because of data protection. I’ve just had a look at the Help section on Lulu.com and you can email them about problems placing an order – see http://connect.lulu.com/t5/Ordering/Order-Payment-Failure/ta-p/157867 for a Q&A about credit card problems or go to http://www.lulu.com/shop/email-us.ep?L1=1mo&L2=1mo2qaop&L3=1mo2qaop3pi and click on “I still need help” to contact Lulu about the problem. Lulu have been really helpful when I have contacted them in the past so I hope that they can sort this out for you.

      1. Annette says:

        Thanks Claire. I’ve been in touch with Lulu.com. Will keep trying, since I really want this calendar (I still have the first calendar) 🙂

  5. Annette says:

    My emoticon was supposed to be a “bleh” tongue sticking out, but it turned into a smiley face instead 🙁

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