1st November – On this Day in History…

Posted By on November 1, 2011

Thanks so much to Nasim for tweeting these dates this morning as my Tudor calendar was blank for today!

Edmund Tudor

On this day in history, 1st November…

1456 – Death of Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond, from the plague at Carmarthen Castle. Edmund was the son of Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois (widow of Henry V, the husband of Margaret Beaufort and the father of Henry VII. 13 year old Margaret Beaufort was actually six months pregnant with Henry when Edmund died at around the age of 26. He was buried at the church of Greyfriars in Carmarthen, but was moved to St Davids Cathedral where his elaborate tomb can still be seen today in the middle of the high altar.

1530 – Henry VIII sent Sir Walter Walsh (some say William Walsh) with Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, to Cawood Castle to arrest Cardinal Thomas Wolsey for high treason. They arrived on 4th November  and took him into custody.

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2 thoughts on “1st November – On this Day in History…”

  1. Dawn says:

    There isn’t much left of the orginal Cawood castle, a small gate house and banqueting hall, which now belongs to Landmark Trust, which let out the Gatehouse part as holiday lets, its small but very authentic, it would be a lovely treat to stay there don’t you think… Landmark Trust have some beautiful historical places to let from the small to the castle size. All the properties have been saved from ruin and now they earn their keep, so to speak, and have been preserved for future generations to enjoy, wonderful if you can afford it that is.

  2. Anne Barnhill says:

    So sad to think of 13 year old Margaret Beaufort facing childbirth without her husband…She must have been some woman!

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