Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey

On 12th December 1546, Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey was led through the streets of London from Ely Place, where he had been held since his arrest on 2nd December, to the Tower of London. He’d been accused of improper heraldry and his former friend, Richard Southwell, had given evidence against him – click here to read more about his arrest and the reasons for it.

He was joined at the Tower of London by his father, Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk, who was taken there by barge along the Thames.

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One thought on “12 December 1546 – The Howards in trouble”
  1. again a wonderful portrait by Holbein.
    How strikingly expressive, isn’t it ?
    We I assume can see sth of Surrey’s tomented mind.
    In his eyes, in his lips – very thin becoz closed.
    He seems to seek sth elsewhere . So very unquiet

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