Wolf Hall to Be Adapted for TV by the BBC

Aug 23, 2012 #Hilary Mantel #Wolf Hall

I’ve just heard that Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall is to be adapted for television for the UK TV channel BBC 2.

You can read more about it in The Telegraph’s article – Wolf Hall is to be a BBC Drama

Who do you think will be cast as the main characters and who would you like to see in this drama? Please comment below.

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21 thoughts on “Wolf Hall to Be Adapted for TV by the BBC”
  1. I heard this was going to happen a while ago, so looking forward to it. I thought Steven Waddington would be a good Henry viii, he played Duke Of Buckingham in the Tudors, Rufus Sewell for Thomas Cromwell, Anne Im not sure, maybe someone like Anna Friel! Maybe its just wishful thinking to have those in the roles though lol of course there would be Mary Boleyn as well, decisions, decisions!

  2. I agree Tracey, Steven Waddington would make a great Henry too,he has the look and stature, and has been in quite a few period films.
    Keira Knightley would make a great Anne Boleyn for me, she too has done a lot of period films, and I think she would play the part perfectly, she seems to suit playing ladies from the past.
    Cromwell..not so easy to think of an actor for him, maybe Danny Webb who played Cromwell in the series along side Ray Winstone as Henry….but who ever they choose I will look foward to seeing it, especially the costume designs, I really love that side of all period films/series.

    1. I totally agree with Danny Webb and Steve Wadington. I posted on another site that they would both be perfect. I hadn’t thought of Keira Knightly but she would make an interesting choice. I am really looking forward to this. Hopefully whoever plays Anne will be able to make her a more sympathetic, complex person as since the book is from Cromwell’s perspective she is shown in rather a bad light.

  3. Oh yay! This has to be one of the best/complex Tudor novels I have read. Good on BBC for choosing a great book to adapt to television.

    1. It’s got an acclaimed screenwriter called Peter Straughan, who adapted Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy., for film, doing it so I presume it will be a good adaptation…here’s hoping.

  4. My choices:

    Cromwell: James Purefoy or David Morrissey

    Henry: Steven Waddington

    Anne Boleyn: Anne Marie Duff

    But really, so long as they keep the pouty Keira Knightly at least a million miles away from this role, I’m happy!

  5. I’m loving this becuase I am reading that book right now and I come on here (one of favorite websites) and there it is! And I find out there is going to be a TV show based on it. I can’t wait to see it-though I don’t care for Mantel’s serpentine cold and ambitious portrayal of Anne Boleyn. But I love love all things Tudor time and the book’s style I find enthralling.

    I would say Penelope Cruz as Anne.

  6. David Morrissey would make a very good Cromwell, and I agree with everyone’s choice of Steven Waddington for Henry.

    What about Miranda Raison for Anne Boleyn? She played her on stage in Howard Brenton’s play and has the right kind of face and figure, as well as being a good actress.

  7. Well I for one am completely thrilled that BBC 2 is developing thie series. I can not wait until it becomes available in Canada or North America. I am shocked that the North American networks do not look to develop series similar to this on ther own or in partnership with BBC. I refuse to beleive that there is not a devout and loyal folling of British Royal history in particular the Tudors. I have just started reading this novel myself and discovered it purely from this website. I really feel that it is such a shame that these types of programs are not more readily avaialbe. Instead I find myself scouring You Tube, and trying to access programming on internet or buying copies of shows. I rewatch the ‘hollywood” versions of certain events or periods in time. The Tudors had a great following here. So eventually when this series comes over here I am sure it will be greatly received as well. I for one will be tuning in for sure, it will be great to have a different perspective. Much like a breath of fresh air!!!!!! Very excited !

  8. Thomas Cromwell: David Morrisey
    Henry VIII: Steven Waddington (I agree!)
    Anne Boleyn: Michelle Dockery (if they can nab her off Downton Abbey!)
    Catherine of Aragon: Maria Doyle Kennedy (looks nothing like her but she was so brilliant on the Tudors, I’d cast her again!) And yes…I admit I’ve watched the Tudors!

  9. i agree on the actor who played buckingham in “the tudors”. ray winstone was excellent in the other version; however can he play tender, romantic?

    david morrissey for cromwell, who was not an old man. the actor from daziel/pascoe is too old, but a wonderful actor for the role

    anne marie duff was excellent as elizabeth I. it would be good to see someone-not-skinny as Anne. emma stone has the eyes for it. could wear a wig or dye hair
    or an unknown – casting call – like gwtw

  10. I would love to see Rebecca Hall as Anne Boleyn (and she was born on May 19… such a coincidence!), Rufus Sewell as Thomas Cromwell, and yes, Steven Waddington as Henry VIII

  11. I agree, Steven Waddington would be a perfect Henry VIII. I noticed that right away when I saw The Tudors. I also agree with the suggestion of Michelle Dockery as Anne. She fits the physical description & is a very good actress.

  12. Brilliant!!! I can’t wait for it to come out. I just do not want to see overexposed actors or actresses playing the key roles. I have read Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies as well Still waiting for the third to be released…. Meanwhile…. Just ordered Claires book The Anne Blowyn Collection and awaiting its arrival…. Have a great day ALL!

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