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I’ve been posting on the Anne Boleyn Files since February 2009, so there are many thousands of posts on here and an incredible amount of information on Anne Boleyn, her life, times as queen and her fall in 1536, as well as lots of information about Tudor times and other Tudor characters.

Sometimes, with such a busy site, it can be hard to find things, although you can use the search box and look at the categories, so I thought I’d highlight some Anne Boleyn resources for you.

Anne Boleyn Primary Sources

You may not be able to visit the British Library or National Archives, or even get to the UK, but did you know that lots of contemporary accounts, letters, ambassadors’ dispatches and chronicles have been transcribed and digitised?

You can find useful links by clicking here.

The Early Life of Anne Boleyn

Find out all about Anne Boleyn’s background, her family, her upbringing, time on the Continent, and her return to England in my series of posts looking at Anne Boleyn’s early life – click here.

Henry VIII’s love letters to Anne Boleyn

King Henry VIII bombarded Anne Boleyn with love letters when he was attempting to woo her and thankfully they have survived. They are housed in the Vatican Archives but have also been transcribed.
Click here to read them.

A timeline of Henry VIII’s relationship with Anne Boleyn

We don’t know exactly when Henry VIII noticed Anne Boleyn, who was serving as a lady to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, but it appears that Anne accepted the king’s proposal of marriage around New Year 1528. I have created a timeline of their relationship between that time and the birth of their daughter, Elizabeth, showing key events, and you can view it by clicking here.

1533 – Anne Boleyn becomes queen

1533 was an eventful year for Anne Boleyn. She married King Henry VIII in secret, was officially proclaimed queen and crowned, and she gave birth to a little girl who would become Elizabeth I. Click here to find out more about the events of 1533.

The Fall of Anne Boleyn -the events of 1536

Anne Boleyn’s rise to become queen was dramatic, but her fall in 1536 was even more dramatic and also tragic. You can find out all about the events leading up to her execution on 19 May 1536 in my series of posts, which are listed here.

Video Resources

As well as writing blog posts on Anne Boleyn, I have also recorded a multitude of videos on her. Here are some of my Anne Boleyn playlists:

The Fall of Anne Boleyn

Questions about Anne Boleyn

George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, brother of Anne Boleyn

Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn reports

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The Life of Anne Boleyn online course

You can find out even more about Anne Boleyn in my 15 unit (18 video lessons) online course. Go to https://medievalcourses.com/overview/life-anne-boleyn-mc06/ to find out more.

Claire Ridgway’s books on Anne Boleyn

I’ve written books on Anne Boleyn, the Boleyns and Tudor history, which you can find on Amazon and via other retailers. They’re available as paperbacks and Kindle editions, and they’re also in the Kindle Unlimited library.

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