The Tudors Finale – What to Do Now!

Well, that’s it, at least for those in the USA, “The Tudors” is now over. No more Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Henry Cavill to brighten our lives, no inaccuracies to get annoyed with, no interpretations of history to discuss, no more executions to sob over… what are we going to do with our lives?

Those of us outside of the US can look forward to Season 4 finally being aired in our own countries, but how can we fill that gap left in our lives?

  • Have “The Tudors ” marathon sessions – Watch Seasons 1, 2 and 3 again. There are bound to be things you missed the first time round, plus it gives you the perfect excuse to eat copious amounts of Hagen Daz, popcorn and chocolate and drink lots of glasses of wine.
  • Enjoy The Anne Boleyn Files – Browse articles and pages, search the archives or get involved in the forum and meet other Tudor history lovers. I love the community we’ve got here and hopefully it will help fill that gap left by The Tudors!
  • Read Tudor history books – Whether you like fiction or non-fiction, there are some excellent Tudor history books out there, a multitude in fact! See our Tudor Book Reviews site if you need inspiration.

  • Take a history course – Find out about history courses at your local college or do an online or correspondence course. See our Tudor History Courses page for details of some.
  • Lose yourself in the primary sources – The Letters and Papers from Henry VIII’s reign, various contemporary chronicles, the Privy Purse Expenses and the Calendar of State Papers for Spain and Venice are all available online. See our “Primary Sources” page for details but don’t blame me if you get addicted! I regularly lose track of time while reading them!
  • Visit museums and Tudor attractions – There’s nothing quite like visiting places like Hampton Court Palace, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, Hever Castle etc. to take you back in time. It is an truly incredible experience to walk where Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn walked.
  • Come on The Anne Boleyn Experence 2011 – Our Executed Queens Tour 2011 is fully booked but we still have places left on The Anne Boleyn Experience. This year’s tour was a dream come true for many people (including me!) and it’s great to spend a few days immersing yourself in Tudor history.

Any other ideas on how to fill that gap? Let us know in the comments below.

The Tudors Season 4 Final Episode

I was lucky enough to be able to watch the finale and what a finale it was. I was not disappointed and I felt it was a fitting end to the show. I won’t go into any more details as I do not want to spoil it for those who will see it when it airs in their country but it was wonderful to see Maria Doyle Kennedy, Annabelle Wallis and, of course, Natalie Dormer, again.

For comments regarding what happened in this season, please discuss in the forum section on “The Tudors” so as not to spoil it for others.

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27 thoughts on “The Tudors Finale – What to Do Now!”
  1. I cryed last night when i watched it it was very emotional
    And i think part of it was it’s over now nomore Tudors

  2. I’ve been rewatching the previous three seasons, introducing my other half to it 🙂 (And the true history too!) I’m working up to Anne of the Thousand Days lol.

  3. If anyone outside the US, or within the US even if you don’t have Showtime, i found a link to a page where you can watch the Tudors finale without having to fill any silly surveys and whatnot.

    Ive watched the entire fourth season in this way and i have to say it’s been amazing, yes iI’m sad that it is indeed all over now, but at least we UK viewer have a decent ten weeks worth of Tudor-ness to look forward to in August/September (just guessing that’s when it’s going to be on) Also here’s hope they don’t show double episodes again on the BBC because that made season 3 feel very stunted. (Anyone in the UK agree with me there?)

    Anyhoo, here is the link to the episode, enjoy eveyone and i hope you all cry as much as i did 🙂

  4. I have already threatened my husband with “Tudor Marathons” followed by watching Hirst’s Elizabeth, and Elizabeth: The Golden Age!

    There are a lot of people asking, begging, and pleading for Hirst to continue with Edward and Mary’s reign. There was so much turmoil with plenty of people losing their heads, there is enough drama for at least another season or two! Let’s just hope that Hirst gives in to his audience, or that The Borgia’s does a good job of filling the void. =)

  5. Gutted it’s over, have got 2 more to watch in season 4, can’t wait to see them. At least we have James Frain in True Blood to watch now the Tudors is all wrapped up ;o) Thank you Showtime for a flawed but fabulous series.

  6. I’ve been watching the Tudors online too (won’t be airing in New Zealand till Sept/Oct) and will make time to sit down and watch it tonight! When they do show it on TV in NZ they’ll probably show double episodes as well, but I don’t mind that – one hour of the Tudors at a time is never quite enough!
    Am wondering what they’ll make of the Borgias, if its half as intriguing as the Tudors I’ll be watching it!

  7. Haven’t seen any of Season 4 (I get edited episodes from a friend), but OMG, Anne looks so ghostly in that picture! I hope she gives him a serious tongue lashing. She deserved better from him, and now she’s getting her chance to let him know it.

  8. I cried, too! I actually almost felt sorry for him! And it was so good to see Katherine and Anne again – great episode, but I HATE that the series is over!

    I have also thought that they should show Edward’s and Mary’s reigns – all that infighting over religion, etc., should make for good shows!


    I just loved the scene with Anne Boleyn… She said she was proud of Elizabeth, Henry said that he sees her in Elizabeth. And then he begged her “Anne, please don’t..”, but she was gone. I was really moved…


  10. I knew I couldn’t be the only fan to shed some tears. I thought it ended beautifully, but I don’t see why it had to end. I agree, there is so much material there with Edward’s short reign and then Jane (the 9 day queen). Bloody Mary had her own set of issues, and of course, my all time favorite, Queen Elizabeth I. I would have loved to see it continue!

    Eliza, I agree, that moment was definitely touching!

    I think it was such an emotional end because, in a way, it makes us think of our own lives. It made me reflect back on mine and think about my regrets, joys and the loved ones that I have lost. Ooohhh better stop typing, the tears might come back!

    Time for a Tudor Marathon!

  11. I have time before the season 4 comes in France, but I saw the scenes when Henry sees the ghosts or Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour. What scenes. I will really miss this serie and every actors, they were a bit part of my life. And all the actors are great in it. I’ve heard the producers are going to do a new serie, Camelot, and I won’t miss it too. And I will definitely do what you advice Claire.

  12. I loved the finale too Claire. I wish the finale had been a couple of episodes. I won’t say anything else but I wanted more.

    p.s. Saving my pennies so hoping to see you all in 2012.

  13. Nancy A., you are right!! They could continue the series with Mary, Jane Grey and Elizabeth. After all, the show was called “The Tudors”, not “Henry VIII”!!

  14. I think we should start watching the Tudors from episode 1, and look for everything we have missed, start the journey again. Set a date of when to start watching and do weekly discussions. What are your thoughts? Four seasons of fun!

  15. Wow, I didn’t realize the last episode had aired already! I don’t have Showtime so I’ve only seen the first couple of episodes…guess now I can only wait for the DVD! Can’t wait to see the finale.

    I’m glad you mentioned taking a Tudor course. Next semester I’m taking a Tudor Stuart England class at school and I’m soooo excited! I’ve been wanting to take this class for about a year now and finally I’m able to. 🙂

  16. yep, i saw it to.
    And i cried also….
    i really gonna miss that show, really.
    Yesterday i watched the movie Henry VIII(2003) with Ray Winstone as henryVIII.
    I really liked it especially seeing him as henry, it was a real good match i think, in younger years and even when he gets older….
    I also saw anne of a thousand days and the other boleyn girl..

  17. I was really depressed seeing the last episode. I told my fiance to keep it on the dvr…it felt too sad to delete it. Before Season 4 aired I sat my fiance, who has seen seasons 1-3 but not as much as me…tee hee, and his brother, who hadn’t seen any episodes, down to watch a marathon…it was a lot of fun to see things i hadn’t before and to explain the history. I hate that its over, but my fiance wants to watch the Elizabeth movies and other Tudor related stuff, so im excited he’s so interested…in fact he’s the one who got me interested in Tudor history when i was first reading The Other Boleyn Girl. He wondered if the characters were real so looked them up..I was so intrigued that I studied more and more about the history & here I am today so I’m happy that there are places like this where I can find more information and fulfill my Tudor obsession!!!

  18. I am also sad that The Tudors is over. I loved the last episode especially when Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn (my favorite) and Jane Seymour appeared.

    They definitely need to continue Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I…I am now reading everything I can about The Tudors! I haven’t had this much fun studying them since I was in college.

  19. As an enormous fan of The Tudors. I am looking forward to it being aired in The U.K.
    I have not seen any of season 4. I am holding out to see it for the first time on my wide screen T.V. So, I do hope that it will not be too much longer. I am wearing out my DVD’s of season’s 1, 2 & 3. With regard to this series continuing into the reign of any of Henry’s family. I do not think that was ever part of the plan. It was just intended to finish at the end of Henry’s reign. If it had been about all of the Tudors it would have started with Henry VII, the founder of the dynasty..

  20. 1) Do you look at your clothes and try to figure out which ones look best with a hood or crown?
    2) Do you ask for assistance in finding dresses with boning and a corset sewn in?
    3) Do you really want to be addressed as the Lady Davis or Her Grace instead of Miss Davis (please add your own name).
    4) Can you name all of Henry’s wives but can’t name one soccer or football team?
    5) Have you ever considered getting hair extentions so you could copy the hairstyles on “The Tudors”?
    6) If you won the lottery, would you tell Claire, “I’ll take one of everything, please”.
    If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you had better keep reading the AB Files to keep your sanity!

  21. I would love that the series continuous with Edward, Mary and Elizabeth… As it was called “The Tudors” I thought they were included too!!!! I strongly wish it happens…

  22. I know I’m really late to game but I just finished the Tudor series this week! I never watched it while it was on, but thanks to Netflix I discovered it and have been glued to my TV for two months obsessed with this show! I never would have been able to wait a week or more between episodes! I am in love with all things Tudor now. I can’t get enough of it. Since watching the show I have been reading, researching, web surfing, and podcast listening to anything and everything I can about The Tudors. I am completely enchanted with Anne Boleyn and am so glad that I have found your website! Any recommendations of what I can watch now? I absolutely LOVED the last episode and cried all the way through it. I thought JRM did an amazing job as Henry. I don’t think he was recognized enough for his talents. I know all about the inaccuricies and am actually enjoying uncovering them and comparing what really happened to the show. It’s opened a whole new world for me. Until I can figure out what to do now, I’m going to start watching the series again, from the beginning. I so wish they continued on with it. Mary and Elizabeth have such interesting stories as well!
    Love your website!!! ♥

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