The Scandalous Love Life of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Jan15,2024 #Charles Brandon

Yesterday was the anniversary of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, being sent in 1515 by Henry VIII to bring the king’s sister, Mary Tudor, Queen of France, back home from France.

But was Suffolk the best man for the job given his past history with women?

Join me in this video as I explore the tumultuous love life of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, which included abandoning a pregnant fiancée to marry her wealthy aunt instead!

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One thought on “The Scandalous Love Life of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk”
  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you Claire, Brandon was a dog, he appears to have been an opportunist with his eye for wealthy brides, he really picked the creme da la creme when he married the kings sister, but there must have been something very charming about him to have won round so many women, it is unbelievable that Anne Browne had him back after deserting her for her aunt, his remark that Mary Tudor plagued him till he agreed to marry her does not quite ring true, though she was undoubtedly besotted with him, but I guess he encouraged her somewhat and his long lasting friendship with the king was in his favour, here he had a kindred spirit in his monarch who was cut from the same cloth, they were both womanisers, the hefty fine him and Mary had to pay for marrying without king Henry’s consent Charles thought was probably worth it, he was now actually a member of the royal family, he fathered many children through his many marriages and had several out of wedlock, but sadly lost his last two sons of the sweat, he was dead himself by now leaving a grieving widow, it is typical that he eyed up Katherine Willoughby’s fortune before deciding to marry her, it is not too hard to think that this man a charmer and a philanderer he may have been, did not love any of his wives but their fortunes, still there was many a courtier who was just as ambitious, it was all about power and marrying into the nobility and money meant those dreams could come true, what I find interesting about this man was he never lost the kings affection he was a stalwart friend to Henry V111 as Henry V111 was to him, that is an achievement in itself when so many of the dread monarchs loyal friends lost favour with him, he alone kept his head on his shoulders.

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