The Falcon’s Rise by Natalia Richards

Sep2,2019 #Anne Boleyn novel

Congratulations to my fellow MadeGlobal author Natalia Richards on the release of a revised version of her Anne Boleyn novel The Falcon’s Rise.

What I love about The Falcon’s Rise is that it focuses on Anne Boleyn’s early life – her time at Hever Castle and her move to Mechelen, rather than being about Anne’s relationship with King Henry VIII and her downfall. A refreshing read! It’s also the first of a two-part series, and I’ve had a sneaky look at the second book and it’s just as good!

Here is the blurb for The Falcon’s Rise:

The day before her execution, Anne Boleyn’s mind wanders back to the journey that changed her life…

Born into the Boleyn family in rural Norfolk, obscurity looms, but when Anne’s father, Thomas, moves the family to Hever Castle, in Kent, to further his own interests, the family’s fortunes take a turn for the better. Thomas secures a place for Anne’s sister, Mary, at the prestigious court of Margaret of Austria, but fate has other plans, and Anne ends up taking her place.

At thirteen, Anne yearns for adventure. However, unused to curbing her outspoken tongue and youthful curiosity, she discovers that life at Margaret’s court is not quite how she’d imagined. Experiencing love, loss, jealousy and fear, she soon realises that her future happiness lies in her own hands – and that she must shape her own destiny…

The Falcon’s Rise is the first part of a two-part series, beginning the journey with the young Anne Boleyn growing into the woman who captured the heart of a king.

Click here to find the book on your country’s Amazon store. It’s available as a kindle ebook or paperback.

Natalia did a guest article for us here at the Anne Boleyn Files a couple of years ago about her research for her novels – click here to read it now.

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4 thoughts on “The Falcon’s Rise by Natalia Richards”
  1. I know I would love this book I’m not a lover of historical fiction either, but this book sounds interesting as it focuses on her early life, including at the court of Margaret of Savoy, we do not have many sources that tell us about her life there, only that Marguerite was delighted with her young charge, but as Anne was so young that period of her life seems to have escaped scrutiny, al, we know is that she was there, then when she was older she left for France, I also love the illustration on the jacket, I imagine Anne looked rather like that with her huge almond shaped eyes, I will probably purchase this book sometime as I think I will enjoy it very much.

  2. Hey Claire, I just downloaded The Falcon’s Rise, and look forward to reading right after I finish my latest M. Pole work!

  3. Imagination of a Tudor gentle woman, for which there are only a few patches of evidence must have been a beautiful and remarkable journey. Looking forward to taking that journey with Natalie through the early years of Anne Boleyn and on through the trilogy of her remarkable life.

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