19 May 1536 – The Execution of Anne Boleyn

| May 19, 2013

19 May 1536 – The Execution of Anne Boleyn

To commemorate Anne Boleyn’s execution, which took place on this day in 1536, I’m going to share the preface of my book on Anne’s fall… Dressed in an ermine-trimmed, grey damask robe, with an English style gable hood and a crimson kirtle underneath, the slight, dark-haired woman took her final walk. She went out of […]

Execution Speeches

| May 17, 2009

According to Thomas Wyatt, George Boleyn, Lord Rochford (brother of Anne Boleyn), said at his execution:- “Trust in God, and not in the vanities of the world, for if I had so done, I think I had been alive as ye be now. Men do common and say that I have been a setter-forth of […]