Which portrait is most probably Anne Boleyn? I heard that the only definite one was on a coin made in honour of her. But that picture is half scratched and looks nothing like the usual portrait of her. Also there is a picture of her in a gable hood. But I personally think that it looks more like Mary Boleyn than Anne. So which is actually her?

I've discussed the various portraits of Anne Boleyn in my article - https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/anne-boleyn-portraits-which-is-the-true-face-of-anne-boleyn/6276/

Eric Ives says:
“Portrait medal – Chequers ring – Hever/NPG pattern – Hoskins miniature: the chain is complete. We have the real Anne Boleyn.” and in my article I have put all of those represenations side by side so that you can compare them.

For me, Anne is the Anne of the Hever Rose portrait as I feel that it is the closest to contemporary descriptions - swarthy skin, dark eyes and hair.


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