Which is the best biography for each Tudor personality (Henry, his wives, Edward, Mary, Elizabeth, Lady Jane Grey, Mary Boleyn, Mary of Scots, etc.)?

For Henry VIII, I love the books by David Starkey, J J Scarisbrick and David Loades
Six Wives - David Starkey
Elizabeth I - David Starkey, Anne Somerset
Mary I - Linda Porter, Anna Whitelock
Lady Jane Grey - Leanda de Lisle, Eric Ives
Edward VI - Chris Skidmore
Mary Queen of Scots - John Guy
Catherine of Aragon - Giles Tremlett
Anne Boleyn - Eric Ives, plus I quite like my account of Anne's fall!
Jane Seymour - Elizabeth Norton
Anne of Cleves - Elizabeth Norton
Catherine Howard - Lacey Baldwin Smith
Catherine Parr - Susan James and Linda Porter


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