Where did the Court stay during Anne’s time?

Henry VIII went on summer progresses throughout his reign, between July and October, visiting different places, giving alms etc. but I have as yet been unable to find out where he went with Anne.

Eric Ives talks of how Henry and Anne moved around 30 times a year on average. P246 of Eric Ives' "The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn talks of their movements and says that the couple stayed in the larger Royal palaces from winter to early spring and then undertool Royal progresses in the summer and early autumn, within a hundred mile radius of London, staying at smaller Crown properties and properties owned by the Church or people they knew.

Henry VIII divided the rest of his time between the Royal palaces that he had built, taking his court with him. Henry's main residences during the Anne Boleyn era were Greenwich Palace and Park ( a favourite residence at that time and where Elizabeth was born), Hampton Court Palace (which had once belonged to Wolsey and which documents show that Anne and Henry added to), Whitehall Palace (York Place -which Anne helped him redesign), Windsor and Richmond. Anne and Henry were married at Whitehall, in the gatehouse that they had built.


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