There is no evidence that Anne was mean to her ladies and also no evidence that she was friends with them. Anne, having been a lady to Queen Claude in France, knew how a queen should act and how she should behave with her ladies. Unlike the French court, which was known for its promiscuity, Claude kept a strict, moral household and I think that this would have influenced Anne and the way she kept her household. Anne kept an English Bible in her suite and encouraged her ladies to make use of it.

Anne was at one point close enough to her lady and sister-in-law Jane Rochford to conspire with her in 1534 to try and remove from court a woman who had caught Henry's eye. It is also said that Anne manoeuvred one of her ladies, Madge Shelton, into the limelight so that the King would have an affair with her, rather than somebody who was not on Anne's side.


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