What was Anne Boleyns favourite book?

That's a tough question as we don't know much about what Anne did in her private time, however, when she died they did find a number of 'heretical' books amongst her belongings and she was keen on French evangelical literature, as well as the Bible translated into English. Books that would have been very precious to her were the translations done by her brother George.
George completed two beautiful presentation manuscripts of evangelical literature for Anne, both based on the work of the evangelical scholar, Jacques Lefevre d’Etaples. We have The Ecclesiate and we have Epistres et Evangiles des cinquante et deux semaines de l’an or Epistles and Gospels for the 52 weeks of the Year, which was a collection of Epistles and Gospel readings for the year followed by a short homily. It was based on the principle that the Gospel should be accessible to the laity, the general people. The Ecclesiaste was the Book of Ecclesiastes with a commentary by German evangelical Johannes Brenz. The commentary was derived from Martin Luther’s writings and emphasised the pre-eminence of the Bible over the traditions and sacraments of the established church. George translated the commentary into English for Anne but kept the French the same. These were beautiful manuscripts which Anne would have treasured.


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