Was Anne liked by the Frenchs ? I mean,as a Queen,she had pro-French politics and is known to have introduced French Fashion in England,but was she liked by the French and François Ier for example ? Also,was she mourned after her death in Europe ? Thanks in advance Claire :)

Anne Boleyn spent her formative years in France, from late 1514 to early 1522, and during that time she served Queen Claude, wife of Francis I. Claude must have liked her well enough to keep her on and there is some evidence that Anne became close to Marguerite d'Angoulême during her time in France. We don't know much about her time in France but I expect that Anne enjoyed soaking up the French culture.
Anne was not widely mourned in Europe. Alison Weir writes of how Catholic Europe saw Anne's death as God's will and judgement, although there were murmurings when Henry married Jane Seymour so quickly. However, poems were written honouring her memory in France and Etienne Dolet, a French reformist, wrote of how Anne had been framed, condemned "on a false charge of adultery."


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