Is it possible that Anne Boleyn was secretly in love with Henry Norris? I am thinking of infidelity in mind, not body. Greetings from Viktoria, Denmark

I don't see that there is any evidence for the idea that Anne Boleyn had feelings for Sir Henry Norris. All we know is that they had a quarrel on the 30th April 1536 after Anne had asked him why he was not going through with a marriage to Lady Shelton. Sir Henry Norris replied that he would tarry a time and an exasperated Anne said "You look for dead men’s shoes. For if aught came to the King but good, you would look to have me", accusing him of tarrying because he liked her instead and was waiting for the King to die. This comment was used as evidence against Norris and Anne but even if Norris was attracted to Anne it does not mean that she liked him in that way and I have found no evidence to support this idea. Of course, it is possible, we just don't know for sure.


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