I read somewhere that Anne somewhat knew her fate if she was to continue the path she was taking, do you think she knew she was going to be executed, and if so, was she ok with it, because she had changed england so much for the better and had supplied one heir to the throne? Do you think she felt like her work was complete? (Despite giving henry a child)

I don't believe that Anne knew that she'd end up being executed. She did speak to Henry of an ancient prophecy that a queen of England would be burnt at the stake and assured Henry "but even if I were to suffer a thousand deaths, my love for you will not abate for you one jot", but I don't think she could ever have known that their relationship would turn out the way that it did. I think her faith sustained her at the end and she accepted her fate, knowing there was no way out. She knew that she would be going to a better place but I don't think it made those last days any easier, she was leaving her family and her precious little girl, and was facing a brutal death. She could not have known that Elizabeth would ever be queen.


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