I don’t know if this has been asked or not but I am curious to find out if anyone knew what Anne Boleyn wore on the day of her Execution. And if you have any evidence (writings,drawings,etc) of it? Thanks very much for any input.

There aren't any contemporary drawings of Anne at her execution but we know from contemporary written sources that Anne was dressed in a robe of grey or black damask trimmed with ermine, with a crimson kirtle underneath and an English style gable hood (Imperial Account, quoted in Eric Ives). The Spanish Chronicle says she was in a robe of damask with a red damask skirt and a netted coif over her hair. A report in Letters and Papers describes her as wearing a "short mantle furred with ermines", an English gable hood and then a linen cap for the actual execution, along with a blindfold. (LP x.911)


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