1) It is true that Henry did neglect Elizabeth somewhat after Anne's death, so much so that Lady Bryan had to write and ask Henry for money to get Elizabeth new clothes because she had outgrown everything, BUT it was not Jane Seymour who got Elizabeth back into favour and back into the line of succession, it was actually Catherine Parr. I think Henry had "mellowed" by that time, perhaps enough water had gone under the bridge by then, and Elizabeth was also very much like him in that she was incredibly precocious and intelligent and I think he took delight in that. Catherine definitely brought the family back together and had good relationships with all 3 of Henry's children, despite the fact that she and Mary had very different religious views.

2) By far the best book on Anne Boleyn is Eric Ives. He is THE expert on Anne and his book is brilliant in that he cites all of his sources carefully and meticulously so that you can check them out for yourself. His book "The Life and Death of Anne Boleyn" is my constant companion.

3) In "Henry VIII: King and Court", Alison Weir writes of how Anne Boleyn owned an A Necklace which can be seen around Elizabeth's neck in the Whitehall Family group painting and I have seen this painting close up and the pendant is definitely an A so we can safely assume that Elizabeth inherited that from her mother. I don't know of any other item that was passed on to Elizabeth although her Boleyn relatives may well have saved some items for her, I'd like to think so.


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