Hey Claire… My question has to do with your books congrats on that wonderful job!!!! You stated that all Henry8th wives were r desended from Edward3rd. We know Anne n Catherine Howard are first cousins. I know you did research n believe it possible like I told you how me n my brother are searching our roots what we found pretty amazing. Can you explain in a way how they came from him I find it very interesting. Amazing how our bloodline really are. I’m American English so I don’t get your type of info as quick. Two of his wives came from to different countries. So if u gotta way that’s easy to explain it cause I know it would long to explain. I didn’t read it all yet I just got it downloaded from kindle. So if u explain n ur book to make it easier. I high respect your work n I also like how you look at the picture in more then one way. So could them all be basic descent cousins? Thank you Claire.. P.S. I will send you n a private email the finding of my history.., bye QueenFletch82

See https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/5967/anne-boleyns-royal-blood/ for a discussion on Anne Boleyn's royal blood. All the six wives descended from Edward III and therefore also Edward I, his grandfather.
Catherine of Aragon descended from Edward III through her maternal great-grandmother Catherine of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt, who was son of Edward III.
Jane Seymour was descended from Edward III through the maternal Clifford side of her family, who descended from Edward III's son, Lionel of Antwerp.
Anne of Cleves' great-grandparents (Johan I of Cleves and Elizabeth of Nevers) were descended from Margaret of England, Duchess of Brabant, daughter of Edward I.
Catherine Howard - see the Howard side in the post on Anne Boleyn's royal blood.
Catherine Parr - Her maternal great-great-grandparents, Sir Thomas Greene, Sheriff of Northamptonshire, and Lady Philippa Ferrers, were descended from Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, daughter of Edward I.


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