Hey Claire… My question has to do with your books congrats on that wonderful job!!!! You stated that all Henry8th wives were r desended from Edward3rd. We know Anne n Catherine Howard are first cousins. I know you did research n believe it possible like I told you how me n my brother are searching our roots what we found pretty amazing. Can you explain in a way how they came from him I find it very interesting. Amazing how our bloodline really are. I’m American English so I don’t get your type of info as quick. Two of his wives came from to different countries. So if u gotta way that’s easy to explain it cause I know it would long to explain. I didn’t read it all yet I just got it downloaded from kindle. So if u explain n ur book to make it easier. I high respect your work n I also like how you look at the picture in more then one way. So could them all be basic descent cousins? Thank you Claire.. P.S. I will send you n a private email the finding of my history.., bye QueenFletch82

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