Hey again! Thanks for answering my question about Henry. I read some where that Thomas Culpepper was a sociopath-is that true? Sorry with all the sociopath questions!

We just don't know enough about Thomas Culpeper to say whether or not he was a sociopath. There were actually two Thomas Culpepers and they were brothers (it was quite common in Tudor times for a family to give a son the same name in case one of them died). Both men went to court where the elder brother became one of Cromwell’s servants and the younger brother became a favourite of Henry VIII and a member of the King’s Privy Chamber before he was executed for treason for his involvement with Catherine Howard. The elder brother was said to have been involved in a knife-fight and the younger Culpeper was said to have raped the wife of a park-keeper and then killed a man when villagers tried to apprehend him. Due to the fact that the brothers had the same name it is hard to be sure who did what but a merchant in London at the time of Culpeper's execution wrote of Catherine's Thomas being the one that had been responsible for the rape - see https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/thomas-culpeper/5066/


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