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As far as Anne being the most celebrated of Henry's wives, I think it is because
1) Henry's desire to marry her changed the course of English history, in that it caused the Break with Rome
2) She was a very strong character and had a real influence over Henry
3) Her relationship with Henry is a wonderful love story but with such a tragic ending
4) Her story is so intriguing, she was a queen but she was executed and she was innocent too
5) Anne promoted Reformist ideas and although she was not a fully fledged Protestant, she did much to further the English Reformation
6) She was the mother of one of England's greatest monarchs, Elizabeth I
7) She was intelligent and outspoken in a time when women were very much second class citizens
8) She was a patron of the Arts, e.g. she was Hans Holbein's patron

and so on... Lots of reasons!


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