Firstly, I absolutely love the site and find it profoundly useful in satisfying the hunger for historical knowledge, well done! Where could I find a good quality, but reasonably priced replica of the “B” necklace of Anne Boleyn and why do you think she is the most celebrated of all of Henry’s wives?

Thank you for your kind words about the site. We offer a replica gold-plated version of Anne Boleyn's B Necklace and also a fired clay version, they are $55 and $45 respectively - see
The gold-plated B is made by Steve Millingham who made jewellery for "The Tudors" and "The Other Boleyn Girl".

As far as Anne being the most celebrated of Henry's wives, I think it is because
1) Henry's desire to marry her changed the course of English history, in that it caused the Break with Rome
2) She was a very strong character and had a real influence over Henry
3) Her relationship with Henry is a wonderful love story but with such a tragic ending
4) Her story is so intriguing, she was a queen but she was executed and she was innocent too
5) Anne promoted Reformist ideas and although she was not a fully fledged Protestant, she did much to further the English Reformation
6) She was the mother of one of England's greatest monarchs, Elizabeth I
7) She was intelligent and outspoken in a time when women were very much second class citizens
8) She was a patron of the Arts, e.g. she was Hans Holbein's patron

and so on... Lots of reasons!


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