Everyone acknowledges that Anne had foreign allure, could play instruments and sing. She had all the requisite accomplishments to be fascinating. Yet, although she returned to England in 1524, Henry did not “notice” her till 1526. Is it possible that Anne returned from France to be a maid to Mary Tudor, the French Queen? She had all the trappings of a Queen, although her marriage to Charles Brandon lowered her, she kept maids and a court. (Anne, fresh from France would have all the latest gossip.) Mary lived at the Brandon Estates, but came to court often. When Anne was noticed by Henry, she must have been new to the English court to make such an impression. How else could Anne have escaped earlier notice?

That is an interesting theory! Anne indeed was a very accomplished musician and a very well educated young woman so we are left wondering why she did not catch Henry VIII's eye sooner, seeing as we know she was Perseverance in the Chateau Vert Shrove Tuesday entertainments on the evening of Shrove Tuesday in March 1522. However, at the time, Henry VIII was madly in love with Mary Boleyn. The Shrovetide joust had the theme of unrequited love and Henry VIII rode out on a horse decorated with a wounded heart and wearing the motto "elle mon coeur a navera", meaning "she has wounded my heart" and that is thought to refer to Mary Boleyn. It is thought that she was his mistress until her second pregnancy in 1525 so Henry was on the look-out for a new mistress in late 1525/1526 and it is then that Anne caught his eye. I think that he was happy with Mary before that time and that's why he hadn't noticed Anne.


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