Does the ignorance of Henry viii and his wives bother you? It seems everyone is so quick to jump to conclusions. Just today, I read an article stating Annes’s body was identified by her sixth finger, which we know is false. I’ve also read an article, stating Jane Seymour was accused of adultery and executed! Do you feel the need to correct these people or do you just let it roll off your back?

I quite often bang my head on my desk or a wall (!) when I read things online about Henry VIII and his six wives and I do find it annoying that people are just willing to believe what they read without looking into things themselves but then authors like Philippa Gregory don't help by writing in their author's notes that their story is based on fact and I have heard Yeoman Warders at the Tower of London telling people that the Victorians found a sixth finger when they dug up Anne Boleyn's remains! Sometimes I just let it go over my head but when I can I do correct things or address issues by writing articles on them.


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