Jane Boleyn was one of Anne of Cleves' ladies and was questioned regarding Anne's sexual knowledge. In Letters and Papers (LP. xv. 850.14) there is the following record:
"The depositions of ladies Rutland, Rochford, and Edgecombe.
“Such communication as was between the Queen's grace and the ladies of Rutland, Rochford, and Edgcomb, the Tuesday or Wednesday before midsummer day last at Wyssmestre.”
To the effect that the Queen had confessed to them the nonconsummation of the marriage. Signed: Elynor Rutland: Jane Rocheford: Kateryne Egecombe."

So, she gave evidence that the marriage of Henry VIII and Anne of Cleves had never been consummated. This, along with 'evidence' of Anne's precontract to the son of the Duke of Lorraine, was used for the annulment.


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