Did anne love henry

I'm not sure that Anne loved or was attracted to Henry straight away and from Henry's letters to her it does appear that she was not interested and was trying to distance herself from him. However, I think she did fall in love with him eventually and I don't see her as just an ambitious woman who used Henry to get the crown and raise herself and her family, but more as a woman who stuck to her principles (i.e. did not want to be the King's mistress) and turned the situation round to suit her.
I think her love for Henry was a gradual thing but I think the passion that they showed in their arguments, and their making up, showed that they loved each other, and their relationship was a definite meeting of minds. Anne had found a man who matched her in intelligence, who she could discuss theology with and who looked on her as a "partner in crime", asking for her advice about things. She was valued for who she was and I think she loved Henry for this.


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