Hi Sandra,
I've written about this and also done a video on it - see https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/resources/anne-boleyn-places/the-tower-of-london-in-annes-life/, https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/4817/anne-boleyn-and-the-tower-of-london/ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJy107seDYA
The royal apartments where Anne stayed before her coronation and while imprisoned in May 1536 stood between the Lanthorn Tower and the Wardrobe Tower and if you go to the Tower there is a plan of how it looked on the wall walk overlooking the raven cages and the White Tower - see the plans in my articles. Anne was executed on the parade ground between the White Tower and the present day entrance to the Crown Jewels.
Hope that helps!


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