Claire, 1)Do you think that Anne Boleyn would have been “Most Happy” if she had married Henry Percy? 2)Even if she had married Henry Percy and was frequent at Henry’s court; do you think Henry Tudor would have chased her to be his mistress?

Tough questions!
1) Although I think that Anne and Henry Percy were very much in love, I'm not sure that he was the man for her. Anne was a very passionate and strong character and Percy did not fight for her when it came to the crunch, he was not willing to cross his father and lose his inheritance. I'm sure that Anne was disappointed in Percy then.
Claire Cherry, a friend of mine who has done lots of research into George Boleyn commented that Anne and George would have preferred those ten years in the sunlight than a lifetime in the shadows and I think Anne was the kind of person to enjoy the limelight and Henry Percy may not have been able to give her that.
2) If she had remained at court I'm sure she would have caught Henry's eye and I'm sure he would have chased her but I'm sure that she, as a married woman, would have rebuffed him and left court if things became difficult. Anne did not want to be somebody's mistress.


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