Anne locked horns with Cromwell over the dissolution of the monasteries and this became a very public battle. Her almoner, John Skip, gave a disapproving sermon in the King’s chapel (‘Which among you accuses me of sin?’), followed by another critical sermon, instigated by Anne, by Hugh Latimer. However, according to her gaoler in the Tower, Sir William Kingston, Anne is said to have blamed Chapuys, or else credited her own bad treatment of Mary, for her fate. She doesn’t appear to have mentioned Cromwell, let alone cite him as the chief cause of her downfall. Does anybody have an opinion, or further information, about this?

Yes, Anne never once blamed Cromwell or even the King for her fate. Although she knew she was innocent of the charges she did feel guilt over her poor treatment of Mary. Anne would have felt that she was deserving of death because she was a sinner, like everyone else, so she accepted her fate.


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