Anne Boleyns wedding dress? Hi, I’m currently rewatching The Tudors (probably for the gazillionth time). I am currently on the first episode of the third season in which Henry has just married Jane and I noticed the dress she’s wearing is a white dress, I know the costume in the show isn’t factual but does anyone know what colour Anne Boleyns dress was? From what I know it was Queen Victoria who started the tradition of wearing a white dress on her wedding day?

Henry VIII married Anne Boleyn at a private and secret ceremony so we do not know what she wore to her wedding I'm afraid. We do, however, know what Anne of Cleves wore to her wedding. Edward Hall says "Then the Lordes went to fetche the Ladye Anne, whiche was apparelled in a gowne of ryche cloth of gold set full of large flowers of great & Orient Pearle, made after the Dutche fassion rownde, her here hangyng downe, whych was fayre, yelowe and long: On her head a Coronall of gold replenished with great stone, and set about full of braunches of Rosemary, about her necke and middle, luelles of great valew & estirnacion."

You are correct that it was Queen Victoria who started the tradition of wearing a white wedding dress but Philippa of England wore a white gown at her wedding to Eric of Pomerania in 1406 and Mary Queen of Scots wore white when she married the Dauphin in 1559.


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