The Passionate Monarch to His Love by Sonetka

Come wed with me and be my Queen
A glorious future I’ve foreseen.
Our dynasty long years will run,
Once God bestows on us a son.

Katherine, I’ll give thee lovers’ knots
Thou’lt sew my shirts, and send the Scot’s
Blood-spattered coat, a welcome joy
For me, before we have our boy.

Anne, for thy love I’ll take up pen
And send thee letters always when
We’re kept apart – O charming girl
To send a golden ship and pearl!

Before my throne I’ll have thee stand
With letters patent in my hand
A marquess I will make of thee,
Then Queen thyself will after be.

I’ll give thee riches, servants, wines,
Books gilt with honeysuckle vines
Fair gowns of silver tissue, since
Beneath those gowns now grows our Prince.

Jane, I will send a purse of gold,
Love tokens in your hands I’ll fold,
A great gold cup I’ll give to thee
If thou canst give one thing to me.

While blood streams in the distant North
I’ll spare no rebel’s life henceforth
But if thy tender stomach ails
I’ll send a man to France for quails.

Anne, I will give thee peaceful sleep
A ring to send thee well to keep,
Fair manors, and a pension pay
When I need thee to go away.

Catherine, my thornless rose, I’ll give
My heart, as long we both live
I’ll thank God for his gift of thee
Mayhap a Duke of York we’ll see?

Katherine, fine shoes will be thy gift
If thou wilt help to mend the rift
Twixt me and both my daughters dear
For no more sons will come, I fear.

Lord God, why dost thy servant spurn?
For all these gifts I’ve small return!
‘Twere better I had never wed
Than that six times I lose my head!