The Fine Line Between Love And Hate by Le’Ann Reis

19th May 1536

To those who loved thy once Queen,and those who harbor,hardheaded hate ,once thy Queen.I have sit many a day a night within the darkness of such cold Tower,with thy ladies,my only friend lonelyness,silent with thy thouhts for silent ,such must be none can know Queens mind.These shall be thy QUEEN WIFE MOTHER last thouhts alone within thee,How was my love husband King lost in such short a time,as husband King hate me much and his hate grow stronger with each passing day.I love as a much loyal wife and friend Queen,could a women can ,my Lord love now far gone from thee never to return.Never did wife betray thy loyal King for another,never did wife sin against God nor King for lust of another man,nor practice evil doings to King nor others.Hours of thy life grow short yet seem to long,now my name be sorrow,I shall die they say for sin against Husband King and God.I forgive thee who do me wrong.They say I make joke of thy death this not be true,but welcome and forgive those who do me wrong, wish myn death for they are true sinner that speak with ILL mouth against God King Queen.I shall forgive those who wish harm,for to forgive is to have faith.without faith one can not forgive,I walk to my fate,with scaffold before me,I feel soul leaveing myn body already,.Soon I will dwell in the house of thy God,for God seeth and knowith thy trueth I will ask myn God to take thy soul gentle kind and with comfort.I knowith God see never did thy siin.I will hence leave this world,I take know hate but only forgive and love, never did thee sin with another.I pray now for all who see my death who love thee who hate thee.I feel the last beat of thy heart I shall die with Gods grace God see all God no all.You shall never see thy face nor here thy voice speak,live well,hate not for hate be a fever for which there is know cure.God as my witness God taketh thy soul.On this day 19th May 1536; Queen Anne Boleyn was beheaded with sins she dinot commit,along with many others God forgve those they know not what they do the Lord did sayeth. IN LOVING MEMORY REST IN PEACE QUEEN ANNE BOLEYN.