The Diary of an executioner by Jeanette Mongae

Jacqueline’s son brought me a note while I was in the garden busy proposing to my dear love Blanche. She had just accepted but she had told me I needed to get another job if I was to father her children, in my mind I was ready to give it all up. I was going to be a farmer now and leave my old life behind. And then Franco came in with the letter; it was a letter from the King of England’s sectary. The Queen Anne was to be executed and she had asked especially for me. The news where troubling since I had already made a promise to Blanche that I was going to leave this life behind. She saw the worry in my eyes as I read the letter and out of concern she asked me.

Blanche: What is wrong my love?
Jean: Nothing to concern yourself about love. (Gave Blanche a kiss on the
Cheek) Louis just needs my help for something and I am afraid it is
Very urgent.

I walked up towards the English man who delivered the letter.

Jean: Does you Master know my price?
Englishman: Apparently you charge some 20 pounds.
Jean: That is correct and had he agreed to this price?
Englishman: Yes.
Jean: Then I will follow shortly to the London Tower

That evening my head was burning with a fever, how could I have lied to Blanche and yet we were not even married yet. But I need the money, Blanche would want pretty things once we are married and good money is hard to come by when you’re a famer. Early that morning I rose and got my sword, as I was about to leave my sister called me back for breakfast.

His sister: Where are you going so early?
Jean: England, I have a piece of business I need to settle.
His sister: Will you take breakfast before you leave? It is a long journey and I
Am sure you will get hungry.
Jean: Perhaps maybe I will.
I looked at my sister and asked her to keep quiet about my journey.

Jean: If Blanche asks where I am, will you tell her I have gone to assist
Louis in Mets. I do not wish for her to know that I have gone to
Soon after breakfast I left for England. It was such a beautiful day for a ride; the country side was open with fresh air from the approaching change of season. Winter was here; all the leaves had fallen and turned grey. Blanche was on my mind, I was thinking that perhaps when I return I will find us a nice cottage near the city but still in the country where we can start our new life.
This Queen they are sending me to kill I wonder what she has done; no doubt these noble people have scandals we poor folk would never dream of. She must be the one they say forced to the King to part with Rome, the church. That is a darn thing to do, damn a mans soul and now her head will rot for her treason.
Night was fast approaching and I was tired from the long ride I saw a tree in the middle of the forest that had a sort of nest-like trunk. I took refuge there for the night and when the first bird of the morning sounded I resumed my journey. The road titmouse there after and I could not ride as fast as I had wished too. I finally reached the English border in the late afternoon; there I stopped at a tavern for refreshments and hopefully some rest. In the tavern I heard many a man talk about this woman I was suppose to execute. As I sat and drank my ale I overheard two men speaking so about this woman.

Man 1: She will rot in hell for her treason, the witch.
Man2: I saw she was bad news from the start when she seduced the king to
The rightful Queen Catherine, Rest her soul. No man in his right mind
Would turn away from his religion knowingly, our King was truly
Possessed by this evil that was upon him.
Man1: Aye I saw the truth always comes out and here we stand witness, I say
They should burn her at the stake and feed her ashes to the monster
That larks in the depths of ocean.
Man2: It will be a blessed day when she dies.

I was so tired I scarcely had the energy to carry on listening, I feel asleep in my chair and woke up an hour later and had to resume my journey. Finally early morning I was in London. The guard sent me to a room where I found refreshments and a moment to rest. In my mind I was going over what I have heard on my way about this Lady. It was just another job I thought, ridding the world of sinful people.

It was time for the execution, with my sword sharpened and my mind set I put on my head cover and went down to the place where I was too execute the Lady. I walked around the scaffold and positioned myself right. Many people came to watch, both noble and common man. The Lady arose to the scaffold with her mistresses, dressed elegantly to go with her bonny face. For someone who was about to die she was rather calm and happy looking. She handed me the purse with the money and did her bidding.

HRH Anne: Good Christian people…..
Jean: Amen

I didn’t know what to think now, this Lady who has been accused of such gross crimes stands before God and proclaims herself innocent as a child. Could it be that this poor Lady has been misjudge by an unjust court? How am I too end the life of such a person who has such a Christian heart that will not be moved by the fear of death? God have mercy on her soul and mine for having killed this innocent woman. This will be my last execution, and I will oblige my dear Blanche of the promise I have made her.

Jean: Where’s my sword?