The Death of a Queen by Karlee Williams

I have come here to die a true servant of God and my king.
I ask you all to pray for his majesty, our gracious and loving sovereign.
As you look before me, whispering words of hatred, I look to you with pity.
Pity, for the simple reason that you know not the joy I have this day, and all the joy I will later have with our savior, Jesus Christ.
I am ready to die, ready to leave this scathing world with it’s judgmental and materialistic ways.

Though you may think this is a confession of sorts, it is not.
Understand that I admit to none of the charges brought against me, I am innocent.
I loved my brother George, as a brother and nothing more.
The other men, innocent men, meant nothing to me compared to what I felt, and still feel for the king, my husband.

I would like you all to know that I did my best as Queen of England.
I delivered of a beautiful baby girl, Elizabeth.
She, a girl, will be the best ruler England has ever seen.
She has Boleyn and Tudor blood running through her veins, no one knows what she is capable of.

Good Christian people, I must ask you to look upon yourselves before you judge others.
Live your lives with your conscience and your hearts.
Love your family and always remember to be faithful to the ones you care for, as I did.
In the end, it does not matter if you are royalty, or a beggar on the streets, God cares only for your soul.

Pray for Mistress Seymour and hope with all your hearts that she is a loving wife and queen.
Pray for yourselves and celebrate life, as it lasts only a short while.
Lastly, Pray for me, Queen Anne, the innocent.

To Jesus Christ, I commend my soul.