Good people, Christian. When I three years ago crossed the gate of Tower I dreamt about this, that my rule becomes remembered. I wanted to be Queen for you. I want to support you, to help you. I dreamt about long live. I dreamt that I give birth child, which will take England to better times, to golden age. How this time, this short time passed quickly. Thousand days, with which every was exceptional. I do not know to describe joy and felt the pride what the being the queen of England.
Anne Queen of England. Anna Regina. It is me. I stand today before you as your Queen. I carried crown of King Edward. I am anointed by God. Nobody, any Par of England cannot me overthrow.
I am not foreign princess, which protect matters of their nation. I am Englishwomen. I have born here. I will die here. My bones will bury here. I am Englishwomen.
I see on you my noble masters, and I with trouble can see your faces. You were once me faithful, in hour of test you leave me. You Thomas I carry out over state and you…. You imported on me executioner’s sword. But will know that on your head will fall sword of Temid.
I believe that you caused that my husband, my king hate me. He by you believed in my fault.
I am sinner I beseech God about forgiveness. Many in my life was bad, I made many evil. I am ready on punishment. But I promise, I never made this to me accuse. I did not think even about so bad things. I entreat you good Christians believe in my innocence and say about this king.
En ma fin Mon commencement. In my end my beginning. Soon my head will carry on by the boards of scaffold. I hope that memory about me will not get lost. I hope that find on this world though the one man who will remember me. I am not phoenix and I will not regenerate from ashes.

I did not climb alone on this high tower. I am grateful my king. What king gives, king receives. Ira principis mors est. I made angry and I disappointed my ruler and I for this pay in this hour.
I beg you, would remember about my daughter Elizabeth. Be to her indulgent and support her advice, when it becomes your queen. I believe, that she will be for you gracious ruler, which will bring you prosperity. I do not ask you about this, it remind her mother it which will not remember even

Comfort my poor mother who in three days lost her children.

Don’t think bad about poor men’s, which lost with my cause life. They were good Christians which fate intended on losing. I believe that they with my sweetheart brother wait on me in paradise.

I beg you do not cry for me. I reconciled with my fate. I am ready on death. I do not desire to die, but I am ready and I do not want more far delay. I believe, with foundling oneself in paradise. Pray for me. Oh Lord have mercy on me, to God I commend my soul. To Jesus Christ I commend my soul; Lord Jesu receives my soul.”