Anne’s Speech by Erin Maria Ochoa

Good people, I have come here by the command of my husband, the gracious King Henry, to die. It is by his will and his will only that I should greet death and leave this world. As his loving wife, I shall do as he pleases and I too am glad to have death take over my living body.
For I am guilty as the great lords say I am. I am guilty for loving a noble and generous man; this man is our sovereign lord, King Henry.

I wish we could go back to when we first met, when we first knew that our souls were to be inseparable; I would tell his majesty how much I absolutely and deeply loved him and how I would never give up my perseverance on creating a majestic realm with him.
From the moment he and I laid eyes on one other, I felt the wind swept under us and the electric waves of passion and love fill our veins. We both knew it then that our love was going to be a powerful love. A love that would be written in history as one of the greatest loves of all times.

I remember seeing the faces of men and women as they tried to understand our love. They were trying to penetrate the core value of our desires with each other. But what they couldn’t understand was that our love was a love like no other. We were invincible in our own protective shield of dreams and pilgrimage to conquer all aspirations.
I pray for his majesty, in the hopes of an even better life with his future endeavors. I pray that one day he will be blessed with a beautiful prince and that the prince’s mother be a strong and virtuous mother; an honorable Queen that would bring a beautiful, healthy baby prince into our world.

I am sorry I was not able to succeed in this task for his majesty and I am sorry in letting our love spiral out of control. Our king is a good person, a kind and compassionate man. I am deeply saddened to see that our love has failed and my position as your Queen become a disgrace. I pray that all of you my good people, do not take pity on me, and do not spite me, but instead pray for the fact that I tried as hard as I could to please his majesty. Pray for his majesty, our dearly beloved and great king, pray for him and continue to honor him.

I now leave you and this world and welcome death. In death, I desire only to remember the happy and affectionate moments with King Henry. Let those moments replay in my death for my eternal essence in the other world. God bless you all and God bless my love, King Henry.