Good People, I stand before you an anointed Queen, accused and convicted of heinous crimes for which

I must now die. Of these I shall speak no more for they are of no importance. In this life I leave nothing of value except my love of our Lord Jesus, His Majesty King Henry, and our daughter, Elizabeth, whom I bore in great sorrow and for the love the King once bore me. As I forgive all who has trespassed against me – whether justified or for evil purpose – I now ask forgiveness from those I have trespassed against with the knowledge that true remorse shall be rewarded with eternal peace. Having found comfort and peace through the blood and body of our Lord Jesus Christ, I face death in joyful anticipation and forgiveness, knowing it was through divine and holy judgment of my treatment of one to whom I should have shown great kindness that has brought me here before you. With harsh words and acts against one pure in innocence, I sinned and for those sins, I shall die today and stand before the heavenly throne of G-d where I hopefully will find divine pity and forgiveness. I pray that in this world I will also find pity and forgiveness.

I now beg you all for your prayers for His Majesty, King Henry, as he has been a good and gracious King to all and for our daughter, Elizabeth that she may bring him great joy and pride. Keep His Majesty always in your hearts and give to him the loyalty and love he deserves that he may reign over you for many years. He is a good and gracious King who always treated me with kindness and great generosity for which I repaid him with harsh words. I was not the good wife His Majesty deserves and I pray he will find the love he seeks.