Anne Boleyn’s Execution Speech – Rose Cronogue

Anne Boleyn’s execution speech was very brave indeed she did not blame anyone for her downfall or her death she told the crowd to love and serve the king. Anne was also trying not to say anything that would not harm her daughter Elizabeth or the rest of her family. Anne asked the crowd that if anyone took up her case then please judge only the best of it. Anne also asked the crowd to pray her soul. If I was Anne I would have mainly said a speech about not always showing my lord the king my husband the love and humility that I owed him and also failed to bare him a living son. I also would have asked the crowd to pray for my daughter Elizabeth and stepdaughter Mary who I also failed by not being kinder to her for which I now repent of all my actions.

Ladies and Gentlemen I have come here today to die and I will say nothing against it my lord is most kind in asking the swordsman to come today to put me to death I thank him for allowing my death to be as quick and as painless as possible. Once again please love and serve the king your lord in everything and pray that he will have a son and heir in Jane Seymour God bless my daughter and the Lady Mary and my lord and master King Henry the 8th the most lovable noble and gracious majesty on earth . Master Kingston thank you for all you have for me since I came here you have been most kind and noble. Ladies who have attended on me since I came into the tower I thank you from my the bottom of my heart you have all been so great and caring and have carried out your duties with honour patience and the up most dignity. Please pray for me and for my soul as I take my leave of the world and all of you .

God receive my soul lord have mercy on my soul amen