I wake drenched in sweat, once again the same bad dream I must not look into her eyes. Those same eyes that captured a king and a crown and today I have to kill that dream. I have heard the rumours that this woman Anne Boleyn is mystical some believe one look can bewitch a man.

As I lay here in the Tower listening to the birds sing I think of what I must do today, I am summoned by Henry the Eighth King of England to kill his annointed Queen, Anne Boleyn the same temptress that has haunted my dreams since finding out that I am to execute her.
Can I kill a Queen?

Anne Boleyn even her name sounds evocotive. I have heard that her eyes are as black as ravens and one look can capture you. As I lay here I find myself wondering what this Queen of England is like, is she really the cause of five other mens deaths?

I have slain many men but I am to execute a woman, a Queen, this woman I have never set eyes on and yet I see her in my dreams. I look over at my sword it is beautiful, my prized possession I care for that as much as I care for my horse, it shines in the May sunshine, will it shine as much when it is covered with the warm blood of Anne Boleyn? Will it feel any different beheading a woman I ask myself? I turn over and realise that this Queen of England is here in the Tower, what her thoughts are I cannot know. I rise and pick up my beautiful execution sword and feel along the blade at the razor sharp edge, this blade will send a Queen into all eternity. Sighing I realised that never have I given a moments thought to anyone I have executed before but this victim is different, Anne Boleyn is something else.

I pride myself on my skill as a swordsman, as I wrap my beloved sword I trace along the inscriptions will it soon be depicted with a dead Queen’s name, I feel a shiver over my body as I hear the escort ready to take this Queen to her death. Suddenly I look down and on top of the sword in my hand is a Tower raven, taken back I shoo it away but it stays and we lock eyes then silently I hear a voice tell me all is forgiven of me.

A knock at the door awakens me from my thoughts and Master Kingston tells me the Queen is ready. I turn around and realise that there is no window in this tower room, searching for the raven I see nothing, puzzled I pick up my sword and walk out to the scaffold, a noise distracts me I look up and see a raven flying. Anne Boleyn Queen of England approaches the scaffold just as the raven flies away and I know that we have both found peace.