Love Letter 3

ALTHOUGH, my Mistress, it
has not pleased you to remem-
ber the promise you made me when I
was last with you — that is, to hear
good news from you, and to have an
answer to my last letter; yet it seems
to me that it belongs to a true servant
(seeing that otherwise he can know
nothing) to inquire the health of his
mistress, and to acquit myself of the
duty of a true servant, I send you this
letter, beseeching you to apprise me
of your welfare, which I pray to God
may continue as long as I desire mine
own. And to cause you yet oftener
to remember me, I send you, by the
bearer of this, a buck killed late last
night by my own hand, hoping that
when you eat of it you may think of
the hunter; and thus, for want of
room, I must end my letter, written
by the hand of your servant, who very
often wishes for you instead of your
brother. H. R.