A Visit to Hampton Court Palace

Gemma, an Anne Boleyn Files member, took a video of her visit to Hampton Court Palace (and the Tower of London) in June 2009 and has given her permission for me to share it with you. It gives you an idea of what this beautiful palace is like and what you get to see and do.

Ghostly Goings On at Hampton Court Palace

According to the Historic Royal Palaces, the charity who own Hampton Court Palace, the palace is haunted by ghosts including Jane Seymour and Catherine Howard - see https://www.theanneboleynfiles.com/resources/anne-boleyn-places/hampton-court-palace/ for more details. Here is CCTV footage of a ghostly sighting at Hampton Court Palace:-

2 thoughts on “A Visit to Hampton Court Palace”

  1. sarah r. says:

    Did I ever post this youtube footage of the ghost at Hampton Court?
    I was impressed by it because it was actually captured on CCTV and is documented by the security guards themselves. They heard the doors opening several times – but only on one occasion did they capture any images.

  2. Claire says:

    I’ve just added the video to the page – spooky!

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