New Lady Jane Grey Book!

Jan22,2015 #Lady Jane Grey

Lady Jane Grey Stephan EdwardsCongratulations to Dr J. Stephan Edwards on the release of his book A Queen of a New Invention: Portraits of Lady Jane Grey Dudley, England’s Nine Days Queen. Although it’s official release date is 12 February, the anniversary of Lady Jane’s execution, have it in stock right now – click here to view its page or click here to pre-order on Amazon UK.

I haven’t got my copy yet but I can’t wait to read it as I have followed Stephan’s research on his blog

Stephan has kindly shared some of his research and some beautiful portraits in a feature article for February’s Tudor Life magazine, the Tudor Society’s monthly magazine. The February issue has a special Lady Jane Grey/Grey Family themed section featuring articles from Susan Higginbotham, Tamise Hills and Elizabeth Fremantle so another bumper issue! You can find out more about the Tudor Society at

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10 thoughts on “New Lady Jane Grey Book!”
  1. I looked at the book on Amazon and the price is over $38.00. A little pricey for me. Will have to wait till it comes out as an e-Book for my Kindle. Sounds like a good book.

  2. Hello there, I think every angle of view about the topic is good for the living and ongoing re writing of history books that was mainly dictated by men. Thanks Claire for the best thing ever(your page) From your very dear fan in FINLAND, Best reguards BABO

  3. Have looked for this book on amazon UK. They do not have it yet. Any idea when it will be available. Thanks sheila

  4. Yes, I too checked into this wonderful book – but alas the cost is far too steep for my pocketbook. I guess this will just have to remain on the Tudor book bucket list until it becomes much more affordable. Sigh 🙁

  5. My mum wrote a very long (7 volume) historical novel called The Tenth Day. It imagines what may have happened had Lady Jane lived and continued to reign as queen. Some of the content is on her web site ( ) .

    She died a few years ago so my goal is to put the entire novel up there – free for anyone and everyone who might enjoy it.

    I would have loved for her to have found this advertised book. She was always dismayed by the lack of accurate historical documents on Lady Jane Grey. I shall buy a copy in her honor and reference it on the web site as well.

  6. I should recommend for those who can’t afford or don’t want to find the price for this book to wait a while. Almost invariably secondhand copies come up available through either Amazon or Abe Books (which belongs to Amazon), often very soon after publication and often at very low prices. When you place a secondhand book for sale on Amazon you are encouraged to put a lower price than others have already set! Keep your eyes open.

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