King Henry VIII wasted no time in May 1536. He wasn’t letting the grass grow under his feet!

With wife number 2 dead and buried, he quickly moved on to wife number 3, getting betrothed to Jane Seymour the day after Anne Boleyn’s execution and marrying her ten days later.

Let me tell you more…

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2 thoughts on “May 20 – Henry VIII moves on”
  1. Of course you are right to point out the need to remember the less famous innocent victims. But I was just thinking about Jane Seymour. What would it be like to be embraced, etc. by a man who has just murdered his wife and several other people? She must have had enormous courage or absolutely no imagination. Perhaps she didn’t realize what he had done because his beard was red, not blue!

    1. Exactly if only we really knew what Jane thought about the whole disgusting affair, I think she was one of those who had the gift of avoiding anything nasty refusing to dwell on it, and just maybe told herself that Anne must have been guilty as charged even if it was rather too fortuitous for her newly wed husband.

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